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Durham Commercial Residential Roll-Off Containers

Your Choice for Durham Commercial Roll-Off Containers

If you have a remodeling or construction project, trash and debris can build up quickly. It can be

a safety issue and an eyesore. It can also interfere with productivity. Whether you need

industrial, commercial or residential roll-off containers in the Durham NC area for convenient

debris removal that is environmentally friendly, turn to the team at Capitol Container LLC.

We offer 15-yard roll-off containers. These are more convenient and flexible than the 30-yard

containers that most companies have. Our residential and commercial roll-off containers in

Durham NC are able to fit into small work spaces like driveways.

These unique size containers are also great for larger work sites because they can be spread

throughout the site. That saves time and money on your project.

The Fastest Response Time in the Raleigh-Durham Area

Whether you need Durham commercial roll-off containers or Durham residential roll-off

containers, we guarantee the fastest response time in the area. We handle most pick-up requests

within 24 hours and often within just one hour.

There’s no waiting for regularly-scheduled weekly pick-ups when you’ve got full containers

sooner than that, or unnecessary pick-ups of half-empty containers. Just call us whenever you

need for us to pick up your containers. That means more productivity time for your team and

regular clean-up of your work site.

Why Choose Capitol Container for Your Durham Commercial Roll-off Containers?

Besides the smaller size roll-off containers and fast response time, we provide:

 A friendly, responsive staff committed to providing a personalized, positive customer


 Free quotes, with no obligation for long-term commitments

 Recycling of 90 percent of our loads

 LEED certification that a project complies with the highest green building and

performance measures

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If you’d like more information about our roll-off containers and our services, just give us a call

or fill out our brief online contact form. We look forward to helping you with your next

residential, commercial or industrial construction or remodeling project.