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Granville County Trash Removal Services

Let Capitol Recycling provide your Granville County trash removal services. When you have a

construction or demolition site to be cleaned up our trash pick-up and recycling services in

Granville County are exactly what you need. Our Granville County debris removal services are

convenient, affordable and best of all – focus on giving back to the environment. Find out how.

Recycling at Its Best

Here at Capitol Recycling we focus on making a greater impact by specializing in Granville

County recycling services LEED projects and reporting. We divert more than 85% of recyclable

materials from other materials that are mixed in with trash. Each one of our team members and

employees stands behind our mission statement and understands the value of recycling. We hope

to reduce the negative impact we have on the earth with our specialized debris removal services

in Granville County and become a better leader in the waste-management industry.

Our Best Deal Yet

As part of our Granville County trash removal services we are available to bring a large roll-off

container to your site.

 We promise an on-site delivery exactly when you need it.

 Our skilled drivers provide careful placement of the dumpsters on-site. Far enough out of

the way, yet conveniently located.

 Schedule pick-ups and deliveries when it’s most convenient for you.

 Various sizes available including 12yd, 15yd, 20yd, 30yd, and even 40yd.

 Recycling services in Granville County that make a difference.

Do You Need Trash Removal Services in Granville County?

Contact Capitol Recycling for Granville County debris removal services that include everyday

trash and recycling as well as construction and demolition debris. Call 919-832- 8234 for a free

quote on our Granville County trash removal services for your area. We would love to help you