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Orange County Trash Removal Services

Demolition is a messy business. With tons of debris leftover on the streets and property, there’s

only one way to get rid of it. Contact us today and learn more about our incredible Orange

County trash removal services.

As a locally owned and operated business, Capitol Recycling LLC knows what is important to

our customers. We understand and embrace the “Going Green” movement, and if you feel the

same way, then we strongly encourage use our recycling services in Orange County.

Experienced Construction and Demolition Recycling and Trash Removal Services

With more than 40 years of combined management in the construction and demolition hauling

industry, we are one of the most experienced providers of recycling and trash removal services in

Orange County. We constantly strive to provide our customers with a responsive service while

focusing on ways to improve the efficiency of our own Orange County trash removal services

and recycling operations.

As an Orange County Certified Recycling Center, we are committed to protecting our

environment and educating our employees, as well as the community, on the importance and

value of recycling. By using our Orange County recycling services, you too can help save our

planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

Large Containers or Small, We’ve Got It!

Whether your company is undertaking a large construction project of a new building, or

demolishing an old structure, our Orange County debris removal services can offer containers in

the following sizes:

– 12 yard

– 15 yard

– 20 yard

– 30 yard

– 40 yard

If you’re in need of debris removal services in Orange County, come to the experts at Capitol

Recycling LLC. We specialize in LEED projects and have achieved high diversion rates

averaging 85 percent! Contact us today for all your Orange County trash removal services and

recycling needs!