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Wake County Trash Removal Services

Capitol Recycling LLC is a certified hauler and provider of Wake County trash removal services.

Within the borders of Wake County, we currently have two commingled recycling facilities, as

well as a landfill that accepts refuse materials from both demolitions and construction projects.

As a premier provider of trash collection and recycling services in Wake County, we take our

jobs seriously and we are continually striving to improve our procedures and operations so that

we can provide our clients with the best possible service available on the market today.

Experienced Recycling and Trash Removal Services in Wake County

Our professional management team has a combined experienced of more than 40 years in the

construction and demolition waste hauling business, and we are constantly trying to streamline

our operations to provide service that exceeds current debris removal services in Wake County,

as well as across the entire solid waste industry. You can count on Capitol Recycling for your

Wake County trash removal services because we are:

 Experienced Senior Management

 Committed to Protecting Our Environment

 Responsive to Our Customers’ Needs

Go Green with Capitol Recycling LLC’s Wake County Recycling Services

As our world population continues to grow, ensuring it is not overrun in the future with landfills

or trash and debris is an important reason why we take our job so seriously. By reducing our

carbon footprints and recycling as much material as possible, we can protect our environment for

the many future generations to come. Our Wake County debris removal services and recycling

programs have accomplished many goals, and we’re proud to say that we specialize in LEED

projects and LEED reporting, and that we have achieved incredibly high diversion rates

averaging 85 percent and above!

As a locally owned and operated business, we are committed to preserving the land and

environment where we live and work. We’re proud to provide Wake County trash removal

services and recycling programs that help to meet that goal. Contact us today to learn more!