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Five reasons you should choose Capitol Recycling:


1. Capitol Recycling provides service within 24 hours of the request.
2. Our customer service surpasses other container companies because we keep you informed to help you make better choices on your jobsite when you are trying to manage the trash flow. Our customer service department works tirelessly to accommodate our customers. The customer is always our number one priority and we do our best to keep the customer feeling that way.
3. Capitol Recycling tries to recycle as much material as possible, even when the customer doesn’t require it. Every load that enters our facilities is always sorted before being sent to the landfill.
4. Capitol Recycling has something other companies do not have, Grapple Trucks (similar to a sheet rock truck).

  • These grapple trucks can empty up to 3 containers in one trip to your site. This cuts down on the time between pulls on jobs with multiple containers.
  • It helps the customer because we are in and out, usually within 30-45 minutes and the containers are ready to be filled again.
  • This also helps provide the customer with better pricing as it saves on the amount of trips we make to a site each day. This allows us to keep our operating expenses low so we can pass those savings to our customers.

5. We care about our customers and we know the types of obstacles our customers are facing on the jobsites day in and day out. We do our best to make sure we are helping the jobsite flow and helping things move smoothly. This means there is one less thing to worry about – the trash. We will worry about the trash for you.


Less than 85% or Better of construction and demolition materials brought into our processing facilities are taken to the landfill. Not only is recycling better for the environment but recycling is beneficial to all of us because it extends the life of our landfills enabling them to be utilized for longer than a landfill that doesn’t recycle.
We hope that you will take advantage of the services offered by Capitol Recycling, LLC. We have an eager team waiting to help you on your next project.
Together we can make a difference. Recycle with us!